Evocheck Pulse Oximeter

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Previously there were Baby Boomers, followed by Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z, but this pandemic has connected us all in one OxyGen. Oxygen is always the most important element for human existence, but in current days it has become the most talked about element. Oximeters have now become the need of individuals and every household.  Considering the need of time, Team Falcons proudly announces the launch of our own EVOCHECK Pulse Oximeter, Oximeter with best features and accuracy, which is unmatched by the competitors. Please note that our product has following prominent features:


  • Oxygen Saturation Measurement (SpO2)
  • Pulse Rate Measurement (BPM)
  • Perfusion Index (PI)
  • 6-direction mode OLED display.
  • 1 year Warranty
  • ISO Compliance
  • FDA Approved

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