Evopride 3mg tablet
Evopride 3mg tablet is an anti-diabetic medicine. Evopride 3mg tablet contain Glimepiride as an active ingredient. Glimepride belongs to a class of drugs known as sulfonylureas. Evopride 3mg tablet is best indicated for the treatment of Type-II Diabetes. Evopride 3mg tablet controls the blood sugar levels causing the pancreas to produce insulin.  Evopride 3mg tablet prevent high sugar levels in blood.Use of Evopride 3mg tablet in diabetic patients with renal impairment is safe and effective.  Evopride 3mg tablet belong to the Diabetes Medicines category. Buy best antidiabetic medicine Evopride 3mg tablet From Pharmevoshop.com at finest price with free home delivery.

USES:  Evopride 3mg tablet is useful in controlling sugar levels in patients with type-II diabetes.   Evopride 3mg tablet helps to control high blood sugar helps prevent kidney from damage, blindness, nerve problems and sexual function problems.  Evopride 3mg tablet reduces risk of a heart attack or stroke.

SIDE EFFECTS: adverse effects associated with Evopride 3mg tablet are: nausea and stomach upset. Evopride 3mg tablet may also cause hypoglycemia.

PRECAUTION: Before taking the Evopride 3mg tablet, inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to it. Evopride 3mg tablet may cause blurred vision and drowsiness so do not drive or use heavy machinery. Evopride 3mg tablet make the patient sensitive to sunlight so it is advised to use sunscreen.

WHEN NOT TO USE: Evopride 3mg tablet is not suitable to use in patients with ketoacidosis. Evopride 3mg tablets are also not used in patients with impaired kidney functions.

INTERACTION: Evopride 3mg tablet may cause interaction with drugs that causes effect on blood sugar levels i.e ingredients present in medicine for cough and cold.

DOSE: Take Evopride 3mg tablet as recommended by the doctor.

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