The Fasteso 40mg tablet contains esomeprazole as an active ingredient. Esomeprazole belongs to a class of drugs known as Proton Pump Inhibitors. (PPIs). Fasteso 40mg tablet is best indicated to treat acidity and heartburn. Fasteso 40mg tablet works by reducing the acid production by the stomach. Fasteso 40mg tablet also used in treatment of GERD. Fasteso 40mg tablet belongs to the [ ] category. Buy best medicine for acidity Fasteso 40mg tablet from with free home delivery at your doorsteps.

USES: Fasteso 40mg tablet is used for the treatment of GERD. Fasteso 40mg tablet also helpful in treating  Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Fasteso 40mg tablet can also reduce the occurrence of gastric ulcers.  Fasteso 40mg tablet is useful in treating acidity and short term treatment of heartburn.

SIDE EFFECTS: Adverse effect associated with the use of Fasteso 40mg tablet are: Headache and abdominal pain.  Fasteso 40mg tablet may also cause flatulence and diarrhea. Other serious side effects caused by using the Fasteso 40mg tablet are: low magnesium blood level (slow or irregular heartbeat, muscle spasms, seizures), signs of lupus (rash on nose and cheeks, new or worsening joint pain).

 Fasteso 40mg tablet should be cautiously used in case you have hypersensitivity with esomeprazole. Don't self-medicate yourself with a Fasteso 40mg tablet. Do not use a Fasteso 40mg tablet for a longer period as it may increase chances of fracture.

WHEN NOT TO USE:  Fasteso 40mg tablets are not suitable to use if any hypersensitivity reaction appears.

INTERACTION: Some Drugs that may interact with Fasteso 40mg tablets include: cilostazol, clopidogrel, methotrexate (especially high-dose treatment) and rifampin. Do not use any medications containing omeprazole while taking Fasteso 40mg tablet

DOSE: Recommended dose for  Fasteso 40mg tablet is: Take 40mg once a day orally.


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