Klevra 250mg tablet is an anticonvulsant medicine. Klevra 250mg tablet contain Levetiracetam as an active ingredient. Klevra 250mg tablet is used to treat epilepsy. Klevra 250mg tablet decreases occurrence of seizures by stopping electrical signals. Klevra 250mg tablet belongs to the Brain Disorder category. Buy the best anticonvulsant medicine Klevra 250mg tablet at lowest price from Pharmevoshop.com with free home delivery.

USES: Klevra 250mg tablet is used in the treatment of epilepsy. Klevra 250mg tablet reduces seizures in adults and childrens.

SIDE EFFECTS: Klevra 250mg tablet causes adverse effects like Drowsiness, dizziness, unusual tiredness, or weakness which during the first 4 weeks of starting the therapy. Klevra 250mg tablet also cause some serious side effects like loss of coordination which causes difficulty in walking, there may be mood changes like feeling of aggression, agitation, anger, anxiety. Klevra 250mg tablets may also cause infection like sore throat, fever or chills. Klevra 250mg tablet also rarely cause tiredness, pale skin, fast breathing and bleeding.

PRECAUTION: Klevra 250mg tablet must be cautiously used if you have a previous history of allergy to it. Klevra 250mg tablets make you dizzy so don't drive or operate heavy machinery or do activities that need mental alertness. Do not stop taking  Klevra 250 mg tablet without doctor’s advice. Consult a doctor before taking a Klevra 250mg tablet if you are pregnant. Klevra 250mg tablet must be kept out of reach of children. Take each dose of Klevra 250mg tablet at scheduled time.

WHEN NOT TO USE: Do Not use Klevra 250mg tablet if you are hypersensitive to it. Overdose of Klevra 250mg tablet may be poisonous.

INTERACTION: Klevra 250mg tablet may cause interactions with drugs antihistamines (cetirizine, diphenhydramine), drugs for anxiety ( alprazolam, diazepam, zolpidem), and muscle relaxants.

DOSE: Take a Klevra 250mg tablet as recommended by your doctor. Don't self medicate Klevra 250mg tablet.



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