Zoltar 20mg capsule is an anti-ulcer medicine. Zoltar 20mg capsule contains Omeprazole as an active ingredient. Omeprazole belongs to a class of drugs called proton-pump inhibitors (PPI). Zoltar 20mg capsule works by inhibiting the parietal cell H+ / K+ ATP pump, the final step of acid production and in this way it suppresses gastric acid secretion. Zoltar 20mg capsule is  indicated for Duodenal Ulcers (adults), Gastric Ulcers (adults) and GERD (adults and pediatric patients). Zoltar 20mg capsule belongs to Stomach & Digestive Disease category. Buy the best anti-ulcer medicine Zoltar 20mg capsule from Pharmevoshop.com at the lowest price with free home delivery.


USES: Zoltar 20mg capsule is used in the treatment of Duodenal Ulcers (adults) and Gastric Ulcers (adults). Zoltar 20mg capsule also treats NSAID associated gastric and duodenal ulcers in adult patients. Zoltar 20mg capsule is helpful in treatment of heartburn and other symptoms associated with GERD in pediatric patients and adults for up to 4 weeks. Zoltar 20mg capsule is also indicated to maintain healing of erosive esophagitis in pediatric patients and adults.


SIDE EFFECTS: Zoltar 20mg capsule causes common side effects like: headache or abdominal pain. Zoltar 20mg capsules rarely cause adverse effects like Increased sweating, leukopenia, taste disturbances and blurred vision.


PRECAUTIONS: Zoltar 20mg capsule should only be used in those childrens who can drink fluids or follow instructions to swallow. Zoltar 20mg capsule must be cautiously prescribed in nursing women. Do not crush, break, or chew the Zoltar 20mg capsule. During pregnancy, Zoltar 20mg capsule should only be used when clearly needed.



WHEN NOT TO USE: Zoltar 20mg capsule is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to omeprazole. Do not take a Zoltar 20mg capsule if you have osteoporosis. Zoltar 20mg capsule is not suitable to use by patients having diarrhea from an infection with Clostridium difficile bacteria.



 INTERACTION: Zoltar 20mg capsule interacts with drugs like Nelfinavir, Cilostazol, Clopidogrel, Methotrexate and Rifampin.




Adult Dose For Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer: Take Zoltar 20mg capsule once daily.



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